Flood insurance is an essential coverage for homeowners located in flood-prone areas. It provides protection against financial losses caused by flooding and water damage. At Ronnie Siniard Insurance, we understand the importance of protecting your property and provide comprehensive flood insurance policies to fit your needs and budget.

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), just one inch of water in a building can cause over $25,000 in damages. Flooding can also cause long-term damage to buildings and make them uninhabitable. Businesses and homeowners located in flood-prone areas should consider purchasing flood insurance to protect against these potential financial losses.

How does flood insurance differ from homeowners insurance?

Homeowners insurance does not cover damage caused by flooding, it only covers water damage from internal sources such as burst pipes, broken appliances or leaks. Flood insurance is a separate coverage that specifically covers damage caused by flooding.

What is the waiting period for flood insurance to take effect?

The waiting period for flood insurance to take effect is typically 30 days from the purchase date. This means that if a flood occurs within 30 days of purchasing a flood insurance policy, it will not be covered under the policy. It’s important to purchase flood insurance as early as possible to ensure that your property is protected in case of a flood.`

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